White N' Wild Snowmobile Tours in Golden, British Columbia

The old trappers cabin you see on your snowmobile tour in golden

Discover the Secrets of an Old Trapper’s Cabin

As we venture up the paths-less-traveled on our snowmobile tours in Golden and get further and further into the backcountry, you’ll be happy to come across a sign of civilization at the old Trapper’s Cabin that also serves as our lunch break location. Enjoying a hot chocolate, cookies or sumptuous BBQ lunch in front of…
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Snowmobile tour guide in Golden BC

Wear It Right: Ultimate Snowmobile Tour Dress Code

Feeling cold? Just meet it head on! It’s the perfect time to get out there and have some fun with your friends and family this cold winter season outdoors. Your best option? Snowmobiling! Where? In Golden BC! Pack up your bags and join a fun-filled adventure riding along the Canadian Rockies powdery snow on a Golden…
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snowmobile tours golden bc

Snowmobiling Is Our Favourite Winter Sport

Little ice crystals fall from the sky and pile up into hundreds of thick inches of snow on mountain tops. For sports enthusiasts, it’s the perfect time to pump up some adrenaline  and pick up their most-loved winter sport again. For Us, It’s Time To Snowmobile Various people love various winter outdoor activities: Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice…
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Snowmobile Tour Banff

7 Snowmobile Tour Hand Signals You Must Know

Gone are the days when snowmobiles were only used as winter utility vehicles,.. Snowmobiling now is a favorite winter outdoor activity and a booming recreational sport. In Canada, snowmobiling has become a very popular form of recreation, anticipated by many as the first snow flies each year. Even people from afar have been allured to come and experience snowmobiling in…
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Canmore snowmobile tours

Snowmobiling is a fun time for the entire family

“Our fully-guided snowmobiling journey up the Hospital Creek Trail with White n’ Wild Adventures turned out to be, well, golden.” says Andrew Penner in his article in the Calgary Herald. Read the full story here. A Must-Try Fun Adventure: Snowmobile Tours in Golden Most of us are caught up in a busy life. When it…
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