Snowmobile tour guide in Golden BC

Wear It Right: Ultimate Snowmobile Tour Dress Code

Feeling cold? Just meet it head on! It’s the perfect time to get out there and have some fun with your friends and family this cold winter season outdoors. Your best option? Snowmobiling! Where? In Golden BC! Pack up your bags and join a fun-filled adventure riding along the Canadian Rockies powdery snow on a Golden snowmobile tour!

golden snowmobile tours
Fun family time on a snowmobile tour with White N’ Wild in Golden, BC

Fun for everyone in the family

Snowmobiling in Golden will not only offer adventure to those who are eager to pump up some adrenaline by trailing its steep and deep snow trails but will also give enjoyment to families and group of friends who are looking for an unforgettable fun activity done together this winter season.

And with the panoramic views of the Canadian Rockies on every ride, both amateurs and novice riders will stand in awe of what a snowmobile tour in Golden can offer.

Before all the snow melts down and vanishes away, grab the opportunity to break away from your busy schedules and come enjoy snowmobiling in Golden!

What should you wear?

You might be asking what you should pack up to be ready to get on this snowmobile ride. We’ll provide you with all the necessary winter gear you’ll need in order to keep you warm and comfortable all throughout your tour. Snowsuits, boots, helmets and goggles are included in each package. It is recommended that you bring your own gloves but just in case you forget or don’t have any, we  have still got you covered.

The guides will check on you before the start of every trip to make sure that you are wearing and have all the necessary clothing you need to keep you warm, dry and comfortable during your snowmobile tour.

If it would make you more comfortable, you are also free to bring your own outerwear and gear. But just make sure that you wear proper apparel for you to enjoy your entire ride and still stay safe. Here are the things you’ll need. Wear it right and experience the best snowmobile tour in Golden:

best under layer clothing for golden snowmobile tours Under Layers

These are what you need to wear underneath your snowmobile suit. Under layers are very crucial to staying safe and comfortable while riding. One very important rule to remember: no cotton!!  Cotton absorbs sweat and moisture very easily and it will get you wet and cold eventually. You surely wouldn’t like that because the coldness will give you chills and probably frostbite. What you should rather wear is a first layer of polyester or synthetic-blend long underwear bottom and top. It shouldn’t be too tight in order for your body to breathe somehow. Add as many layers as you want depending on the warmth you need. You can wear clothing  made out of polyester, silk or other synthetic blends since these dry out perspiration very quickly and keep moisture away from your skin. We suggest you wear more layers, rather than less since you can always take off a layer during the trip if it gets warmer. But if it gets colder and you don’t have enough under-layers, then that will be a problem.

Snowmobile Suits

These generally consist of a jacket worn over a pair of insulated bibs or pants. Snowmobile suits are specially designed to provide warmth and comfort while snowmobiling. Same rule applies: no cotton allowed. Most famous fabrics are usually acrylic and gore-tex but other synthetic blends can also be used. Make sure that your snowmobile suit is wind and waterproof.

golden snowmobile toursFace Mask/ Balaclava

Remember that you not only need to keep your body warm during the ride, but keep every part warm, including your face. Face Masks or ‘Balaclavas’ are very important to avoid frostbite when temperatures drop. The same rules apply to choosing the right fabric for this piece of gear.


In almost all types of rides, head gear is very important. Yes, even in snowmobiling. Make sure that you wear a DOT-approved helmet for this will ensure safety and avoid unwanted injuries that might possibly happen during a crash. Helmets should be worn tight, snuggling your face, and the strap firm underneath your chin to get full protection.


Protect your eyes from snow and any form of flying debris by wearing a helmet visor, sunglasses or goggles. Colored lenses for bright days are good choices while amber, yellow, rose, blue or other colored lenses are very useful during cloudy days.


Gloves are an essential part of your riding gear because these will repel water and wind and will keep your hands warm. You don’t want to get your hands all cold. Riding will be difficult with cold hands. Also, make sure that you wear a pair of gloves that will allow you to operate your snowmobile freely and comfortably. Add wool glove liners or layers underneath to keep your hands warmer.

ski-doo socks and boots for golden snowmobile toursSocks

Keep your feet warm by wearing socks that are made out of thin nylon, polypropylene, fleece, wool, silk or other synthetic blends. Cotton is still not a good idea. Always carry with you extra pairs just in case you begin to feel your feet getting cold.


Keep your feet warmer by wearing a proper pair of boots. The best pairs of snowmobiling boots are those that use a combination of materials that include rubber, waterproof bottom with good lug sole for traction; a synthetic upper that fastens and is high enough to repel snow; and a breathable and removable liner made of wool, fleece or any synthetic fabric that keeps off perspiration. And of course, make sure that they fit well.

See you out there!

Keep in mind that proper riding apparel is very important for you to enjoy your snowmobiling. Wear these things right and you’ll surely have the best experience of snowmobiling in Golden. See you out there!

Snowmobiling in Golden

Anyone who does snowmobiling would know that Golden is one of the best places to experience this fun adventure at its finest. Lying in between two majestic mountain ranges (Selkirk and Purcell) in southeastern British Columbia, Canada and situated at the junction of two famous rivers, the Columbia and the Kicking Horse, this small town of 3, 700 exudes an atmosphere of natural beauty and adventure that is waiting to be discovered.

The many options for a snowmobile tour in Golden

White N’ Wild offers 6 varying adventure packages you can choose from and make this fun experience a reality to you! Namely, we offer a full day of snowmobile tour that’s good for family and friends who would like to experience snowmobiling in an introductory way; a full day back country snowmobile tour for those who’d rather go further, deeper, steeper and faster; an easy half day and express snowmobile tour for those who are eager to just try it out or for those who have some other things in mind to do for that day and need just a shorter tour; the starlight ride for those who want to do snowmobiling underneath the stars maybe; and an overnight stay doing one full day of relaxing snowmobile tour and another full day of a more high-powered back country tour.

All packages either include snacks and/or an outdoor mountain vista BBQ lunch. Also, friendly and very knowledgeable guides will be present with you all throughout your tour, making sure that you’re safe while enjoying your ride. For more details, especially regarding prices and shuttle schedules, please visit our snowmobile tours page or contact us directly.